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We need to move into a closer understanding of who God is if we are ever to truly love him.

Faith is the key

Romans 8:38-39
“I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The greatest act of love ever made was when God sent Jesus to suffer and die for us. For us, yes you and me not for his personal gain but so that we could live. He loves us more than any human could ever put into perspective. How amazing does that feel and for God to do that out of love and mercy just shows how extraordinary God is.
As humans we…

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This is the horror of the world we live in. How much longer will we allow this sort of thing to continue?

Piazza della Carina

There’s a child’s doll on the stones
By the ashes of the fire
Broken, limbs dangling. Where is the child,
You ask, and look away, Wondering, perhaps
Then turn back, looking once again.

It is not a doll.

And the father on his hands and knees, scrabbling in the dirt
Isn’t an extra in a movie, paid to grovel and cry.
The tears are real, the blood is real
And the dead children really die.

And only the flies remain, buzzing
Their buzz, and another buzz,

And you hear a voice saying
This is the good war,
This is the price of freedom
And perhaps you hear voices saying
It’s very sad, but such things must be.

After all, these people have beards, wear turbans
The women cover their faces
And you can’t understand what they’re saying
Maybe they don’t really mind dying
As much as real people do.

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the more who see it, the quicker word will spread.

There is freedom with God. You may not believe that, but this is the truth. For I speak of a feeling of freedom, rather than  a mere human idea of what freedom is or should be. There is a true freedom that lingers even now. Despite the fact that two thousand years have passed since that freedom was won. Despite this, forces of darkness, and forces of human kind would tell you you are a fool for believing in that freedom if you actually do. They would suppress you in any way they can. Why? Well the answer to that is quite simple. They are incapable of being free themselves and hate the truth. So they expect you to fall in line and do as they do. What do you gain by listening to such people. Do you gain respect. So what? Respect of those trapped in their greed and materialism means nothing. Life without the cross is as meaningless and fleeting as a winter’s storm and can do as much damage. Further more, people cannot live in God’s promise until all people accept the cross, and that day will come. Perhaps not for a long time, but it will come never the less. What does it benefit one to gain the whole world and lose their soul along the way? An age old question proposed by the saviour himself, and one that gets ignored for the sake of a piece of paper at the end of the day. Do you think that you can ignore God forever? There will come a time when all will stand before him, each in turn and try to explain their life to him. I know this fact and dread it to know end. If not for grace, I’d be but a dog begging for scraps from a lion. So what would you say to him? What can creation say to creator to justify itself? There is nothing. If you knew the word you’d know you can’t even point out that it was the creator who made you this way. That might seem stupid, but let me explain it for a second. If you deny Christ time and again, and then try to justify your less than perfect actions to him or the Father at the seat of judgement, you will be told, quite bluntly, about the reason you existed at all and every individual instance of what your evil was meant for. Your condemnation will be deserved. For you knew what was said by those who preached the good news to you. You heard their pleas for you to accept the gift, but you would not listen, your heart was made hard by your inability to have faith. Allow me to explain this further.

In those days men will seek to run from the face of the almighty and find no safe haven. They will turn to the north, and yet God will be there, to the east and yet there he is. The south and west will be no safer. He will want to know why you have not taken care of the poor and the destitute, those who have lost all hope. Why have you done this without the slightest bit of care. There is no escape. Jesus summed up the whole of biblical law into two distinct commandments. The first was to love God with everything you had. The second was to love your neighbour as yourself. It is obvious that many people love themselves. At least in the small sense, but what of those who do not love others. Plenty of people believe in karma, yet they do not always do what must be done. The self is always put first. If you want good enough reason to take care of yourself if you do follow God then I would suggest doing so, for the sake of constantly being in a position to care for others. What occurs between you and God stays there, God does not betray your confidence when you decide for yourself what is right and wrong as is your right. Then if someone judges you their judgement comes back on them. However when you treat others, treat them only as you’d want to be treated. General courtesy is a given, but look at your deeper needs. Do you not feel lonely, than do not let others stay alone and isolate themselves all the time. We have fallen far after all. Yet more on topic, you who do not believe must face God, and this will not be easy and nothing I say can prepare you for it. I know nothing can prepare a person to meet their maker as it were. The only way you can be certain that that day will go well is to know the Maker before hand, as it is said that on that day Jesus will say get away from me to certain people as he never knew them. If your incapable of hearing the voice of God, which is a topic for another time, then you must know God by treating well the least of God’s kingdom namely the poor, meek, down-trodden, and what this society treats as worthless despite the programs in place to help such people. I know the evils of this world well. You cannot expect to know God until you’ve taken the first step in faith and while that first step is what feels the hardest in the beginning, a life in God’s service will be full of strife and I will not sugar coat it. If you openly claim to serve your imperfections are thrown in your face as if it was a human’s place to overcome what the whole human race suffers from. If you serve in secret those who claim to be serving will judge you as not observant of the commandments enough when they now you to serve. As for me, I have to be vigilant for I am waiting for many things and when the time comes I might know God better than ever before. You may say what you like about this, but You ought to know that I am used to human weakness and that’s why I spend most of my time trying to overcome it to the degree God would allow me. Though not even I am capable of telling why God puts those weaknesses there in the first place, or what purpose God allows them to remain for. But when God finishes me, I’ll be in a better position to deal with those things, or perhaps even be told that among certain things I would consider to be a weakness was actually a strange strength of mine, and I may be surprised to hear of such things.

You have a choice to make, seek first the kingdom of heaven or not, this is something I cannot do for you. But there is a rewarding journey to those who serve, whether secretly or in view of the public. Take your time but know that the kingdom is at hand, and time is a short commodity in this fleeting portion of eternity.

Just an introduction to this blog and what it will be and what it will represent. All in all I wanted to start a blog to explore my musings in my daily life and explore the full implications of the human condition. Details about me personally do not matter. Rather This Blog will be more of a given as to what life ought and can be if humanity really put their mind to it. I used to write my blogs on facebook. But this is more of a way to make my talents more widely known to a greater portion of the population. Before I get into the more serious posts I’m merely going to tell you straight up that there will be ideas here that everyone may not agree with. But that’s fine by me. I have tried to leave behind my need to please the masses as much as possible. If you find some of this information useful to your daily life than I’ve done a good thing. But I can only share my wisdom with whom I may. It is something else to ignore the wisdom you possess in your head when indeed you do possess it. As much as I hate to say this, as I don’t want my personal life to be revealed too much, I live in a small town, and being above average intelligence in a place where so few people know much about philosophy or the like is a very hard burden to bear. You tend to feel isolated and misunderstood. Though this feeling of isolation could actually be said to be felt by all because it is merely a matter of the human condition. In truth, we all feel isolated. The reason for this is simple. We are isolated because of lies, lies ruin this world of humans to a degree we cannot foresee. I was always thought growing up that secrets have a way of coming back to haunt you. I do have skeletons in my closet but they remain in silence and darkness and may never bother me again. I haven’t always been kind or the like. Though I usually am, it matters not because the purpose of this blog is actually to carry on the work of King Solomon from the bible in a chasing after wisdom, and if you read ecclessiates you’d realize that life, as horrifyingly beautiful as it is, lacks meaning because it is destined to end at some point. To further discuss what Solomon said it is a chasing after the wind when the destiny of death is shared by fool and wise man alike. Let us say that I will take some old wisdom and rehash because I think the world needs to understand wisdom a bit better these days, they have fled from it. The general masses only look at what they believe to be wise without seeking out universal wisdom, wisdom we can all agree to be true. After all, what one human finds wise another may pawn off as foolishness. Ah, but now I’ve set the tone of this blog. You will see soon enough the depths of one writer’s madness as well as how much one person can take in the struggle to attain wisdom. However, for my privacy, I’m taking steps to protect my identity to some degree, to another, I don’t really care if I’m found out. I will be careful to commit no crimes by anyone’s standards least of all this country’s laws. So find here in some modern proverbs and I will do what I always do, I will weigh out the arguments of what is moral or not and let you be the judge, I will play devil’s advocate against my own morale core and see what that lead’s me too. There is nothing that can be done that has not already occurred, this world revolves around the sun on a steady course. On that course it will remain long after the last of humanity is in a resting place on a barren field pleading with the divine to take it’s soul into heaven for all time. I want to know the joy of life, as well as the pain, and that’s something people should take to heart. I tell the truth, or at least what I believe to be the truth. Nothing can be said that hasn’t already, just because you believe there is something new in the world, it’s not really as new as you might think. It is and likely is at that, possible that this world we know, as been before, and as it was before so too did, it’s light extinguish from the earth. There is nothing new under the sun as the saying goes, and people will ever remain the same. Though this saddens my soul to no extent. What should we say if this is the case, that life is empty and pointless, or that it is for our enjoyment rather than our misery. Ask yourself why you choose to live in hell of misery. 

Is this because others put you through as such, well that can’t be helped usually. Perhaps you could legally stop them if they’ve broken some law, but would that make you better friends with anyone. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Wish on a star and wish on it hard, I don’t care what you wish for but just wish. All your dreams may come true with faith and wisdom. The faith to believe for the unlikely, faith in God if you will, and the Wisdom to take the steps required to attain those dreams. You can be your own worst enemy, and I speak from experience. Your negative thoughts and feelings make you physically ill to some degree do they not, this prevents you from doing what must be done, and the worries of this life hold you back. Do not allow yourself to be caught in that, if you find your slipping into the shadows of despair grasp hard to the cliff and climb out of that hole. With this I will end my first post and I wish all to live long and prosper.

Time and Time again, I hear many people say that this world is a hard place to live. Yet I’ve considered this deeply and I must say this is not the case. It is not the world itself  that makes it difficult to navigate the struggles of life. Rather it is the people whom you run through this world with. Their misery becomes your own. Their suffering becomes your suffering. Many would take the attitude that if you are happy and they are not, than you must be made unhappy to make up for their misery. So in this misery breeds misery. It is a vicious cycle indeed.

Given that our need to fit in, makes us duplicate the behaviour of those around us. It is only a given that those suffering the grips of poverty will complain. In this more will complain and people will wind up counting their curses more than their blessings. It becomes a vicious cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat. Even if you do not believe in the concept that your very thoughts generate more perceivable misery for you. Than you must admit that it will generate at the least more miserable thinking. You think of one thing that makes you sad, and you naturally think of ten more things on top of that. This ever growing misery affects the choices you make and breeds more misery for yourself. You see what a cruel mistress the hands of stagnant thinking and unforeseen bad luck can be now don’t you.

What can be done though, can we say that thinking overly happy and irrationally at the same time will generate any less misery. For in your joy you may also make a choice you could come to regret later. For instance, look at those in the grip of love, they may, if they are man and woman, and this is not always the case these days, bring a life into the world that they do not want there because they could not control their feelings, and look what it benefits them, a lifetime of service to that child.

Is it not our instincts we worship. Do we not serve that side of our nature without fail day in, and day out. After all we feel the strong urge to eat and reproduce. This is merely survival, we are ingrained with the needs of safety, and provision. It is a wretched matter of affairs because we are slaves to these instincts, and those instincts drive us to do less than honourable things. It is my belief that it is neither overcoming or succumbing to these instincts that will set us free but rather understanding them and putting them in their proper place. It is my understanding of them that makes me see why we would choose to live in fear of people more closely attune to their most primal instincts. Yet these people are needed and some of the same people who without the proper guidance would have become master criminals and serial killers could make the greatest detective or soldier. Now I do not advocate the need for war or police because these things are merely symptoms of a bigger problem humanity faces, which to put it bluntly is its own evil instincts. Although I will say that nothing may seem evil about the need to eat, when this need goes unmet long enough you will do horrible things and become a horrible person to see that need met. This is a great tragedy, and one I am pained by often. I will admit that before my wisdom started to fully develop I did less than noble things to sate my flesh driven cravings. We all do, and it is like we put band aids on the symptoms of the problem with policing and do little to actually treat the symptoms of why we actually steal, rape, kill, maim, or destroy in the first place. Arresting someone for breaking and entering will not prevent the economic, social, and environmental conditions that led that person to the crime in the first place, no it will just teach prospective criminals the most important lesson in crime, don’t get caught.

Yet what can I say. I have tried many times to appease the less than noble instincts of people, but in the grip of their emotions, people can be hard beasts to calm. The Ego is a starving beast that when fed, lessens the quality of your life in your attempts to improve it. It’s not that it isn’t nice to have a bit of money now and then, no, what I suggest is that there should be no money at all. Rather we should try and look at what people demand out of life and try to grant those desires as much as possible. You may say what you like, but the only people who would disagree with this ideal is those who already, or do stand to gain by an economic system where one person can be better than another on the soul prospect of the number of digits their salary is in the run of a year.

Did you know that money was the root of all evil. Also, if time is money, than anything that takes time and money to do, is evil squared. It’s simple math that this is the case. In essence things wouldn’t be as evil if there were no money because the need for food and provision and safety would be met for the most part, the only thing left after that would be to actually conquer the threats we face from our own ignorance of the effects our technology has on our well being. Both in the physical world and in other ways as well. People may not be the best creatures in the world, but they certainly can afford to do much better than what they have been doing. It is needed that we move past our primal desires and look towards a brighter tomorrow for this is all we really have left. Our misery IS NOT UNBEATABLE. It is merely something we drown in. If we remove the source of our misery, which is namely the inequalities of wealth, then we will be able to look towards the future.

It was said by king Solomon of the biblical days that money can solve any problem. However, is this not because money is merely the key resources rather than the things we actually need to live. We have not achieved the full height of our excellence because we must strive merely to exist. When all needs of all people are cared for, wouldn’t it be likely that at the very least, some of those bored people would look to make the quality of life that much better. Though I know utopia is not free of its problems as strange as that may sound, when needs are met and nothing is to be strived for there is the void of complacency and the like. Though I have much more to say on this topic, I must cut this here, as this post has already exceeded what I had intended to write. With great expectations I leave you with a last sentence to consider. Who benefits from greed and wealth, do you?